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I love creating things.  Those "things" are sometimes expressed on canvas, in poetry, photography...and other times on the Internet, via website design.  


For well over a decade now, I have primarily worked from home and I love it!  


I value my lifestyle more than a few extra dollars.   So that's why I am offering my talents to help businesses create beautiful interactive websites at discounted rates.  


All the websites I build are done on the latest HTML5 technology, in a true drag & drop platform that is totally SEO friendly.  This makes them not only user-friendly but easy to maintain as well.  We also offer WordPress options via my awesome partner Guy...he is freelance too and we work very similarly (easygoing and customer is always first).


In addition to web artistry, the services I offer include things such as logo design, copywriting, research, content creation, social media creation, Illustrator, Photoshop, video production, video editing, SEO, and more.  


I am a one-women shop, and ready to help you boost your online presence and business.


I would love to hear from you, so we can talk about your project needs.




Reach out & say


a web design artist & painter.

I believe that a websites landing page, should be like a store window:


Designed to welcome & draw people in.


As a local artist, freelance web designer, mom and businesswomen in the suburbs of Chicago, I look forward to the variety that each day & new project brings.  I am extremely visual & love creating.


Catering to mid-sized to small businesses, I craft affordable websites that are beautiful, functional & people friendly.  The sites I build are not only welcoming to customers, but they are also owner friendly, and easy to maintain without too much additional on-going expense.


Being an Internet addict, I'm often surprised by how few small businesses have a good online presence.  Even when a website has been developed, they seldom express the personality or quality of the business they represent.  Lots of sad cookie cutter stuff out there.


In my spare time, I work on "Making Man...kind".  Making Man...Kind, is an initiative focused on gratitude & kindness.  It is with that core philosophy that I approach website design. I construct thoughtful & engaging websites for Internet users while providing a great value for business owners.  Done right, a website can be your businesses best sales advocate.


I understand that custom web development can be very expensive. Generally, an inexpensive website bid may be outsourced overseas, and won't yield a high-quality website.  My websites are an exception to that rule.  


And what about keeping the content fresh, updating photos,  product prices, services, and details?  In most cases, that too can become a burdensome event.


It's understandable if your businesses website may have gotten stale, or may not even have gotten off the ground.  


I have a solution for you!


I offer my freelance web design services at reasonable rates. I build local businesses & individuals totally custom websites using the latest technology, for very affordable rates and low monthly fees.  



How cool is that!


Web designer Chicago Julia Rose


 Julia Rose


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