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Q:  What is the design process?


A:  I approach web design with energetic results-oriented creativity.  

Here are the eight stages of the design process:


                        1.   DISCOVERY:  I start by getting to know you & your business better.  I also get to know your industry & competition.  Focused on doing the best job I can for each, and every client, I put myself in their shoes.  The end goal is to build you a website that welcomes customers with an awesome design, and GREAT functionality.


                              2.    RESEARCH:  After doing some research, and getting to know you, I will make recommendations aimed at helping to grow your customer base, AND profits.  Improving how your customers interact with your business online, and finding new revenue streams for you, is part of what I do best. 


While there is never any pressure to include additional services, I may suggest some upgrades, but only if I feel they will help to accomplish your marketing & business goals.  For instance, all standard web design prices assume that you will be providing all the copy & content, which at most would require light editing.  While this works for some, in many cases clients benefit from getting professional help writing web content.  Often, small business owners just don’t have the time, or necessary skills, for writing web friendly copy.  No one knows your business better than you, but writing web language that converts “shoppers” into “buyers” is something of an art.  I’m skilled at quickly learning what I need to about a business and industry, so that I can effectively communicate its unique value.


 In addition to content writing, some other popular services I offer include:

  • Photography   (Images of products, location or personnel)

  • Original video creation

  • Logo design

  • Business card & brochure design

  • Ecommerce websites

  • Social media set-up

  • Review/citation set-up

  • SEO


Just as with my web design prices, you can expect to get a great value for any of these services.  As a freelance web design with low overhead, I pass that savings on to my clients.



                     3.   SEO:  Once I understand a bit about your business goals, as well as the industry & competitive landscape, I will use tools to uncover long-tail keywords that may benefit your business by connecting you with more potential customers.  Too often SEO comes at the back end of web design.  The longtail keyword research I do on the front end will help in crafting a website that will not only be beautiful, but will help to actually reach your customers.


During the design process I will also insure that other basic SEO tasks such as these are preformed:

  • Keyword research & suggestions

  • Proper H1 titles

  • Site: Titles, descriptions, and keywords

  • Page: Titles, descriptions, and keywords

  • Alt text on photos where appropriate


Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing and involved process of it’s own, and should be given consideration in your marketing plan, depending on your businesses online goals.


                        4.    DRAFT:  Next, I craft a unique web design concept that will shape the direction and feel of your website.  I will take what I have learned about you and your industry & go through a series of design phases to create a unique eye-catching web design that your customers love, and gets you noticed on the web.



                          5.    CREATE:  Once the core design is approved, I will start adding the content & functional elements.  Depending on the services you choose, I will either arrange the copy & images you provide, or construct original content & photos.    Your website will be designed to flow intuitively and provide a great user experience.



                        7.  LAUNCH: After gaining access to your existing web domain settings, or  helping you create a new domain, we will launch your new website.  Congratulations! Your site is alive.


                        8.  Train to Maintain:  In addition to providing an excellent user experience, the website I build are structured so that they can be easily maintained.  Once your design is in place, keeping your website and it’s content fresh should be fun and easy.  I include 1 hour of basic maintenance training with all my designs.  This is generally more than enough time to teach you or your team the basics.


Q:  How long will it take to complete a new web design?


A:  Turnaround time is generally very quick, however it is largely dependent on client participation.  If content is provided in a timely manner, and initial and on going instructions are clear, turn around time is greatly improved.  On the other hand, it could dramatically hindered due to in-actions or delayed approvals.


In most cases, a first draft we be prepared within one week.  The estimated time of completion from kickoff to launch is about 2–6 weeks.  Rush jobs can be completed sooner depending on the complexity of the project.  Estimated time is based on actual past job statistics, however, turnaround time is not guaranteed as there are many variables.


Q:  What is included in a web design quote?

A:  Each web design is as unique as the businesses they are built for.  After an initial consult, you will receive a detailed list of what to expect with your new website.


All web designs include basic & some advanced features such as:

  • Mobile optimization

  • Integrated subscription form

  • Social media links

  • Live social media feed

  • Video integration

  • Contact form

  • Google Maps integration

  • Ability to link downloadable PDF’s

  • Photo gallery’s


Other features to consider are:

  • Response form for information gathering

  • Interactive events calendar

  • Shopping cart

  • Online poll

  • Appointment Booking


Q:  How much will a new web design cost?

A:  Web Design Pricing Guideline:


$999 and up* **   → Up to three, customized pages

Deposit: 50% • Balance due prior to launch


Examples of websites that may fit in this category include: 

Photographers / Artists / Actors / Actresses / Musicians / Interior Designers / Contractors:  All some businesses require is a place to show off their work.  An online portfolio that shows potential clients, “This is what I do.”

Online Brochure:  This type of website works for some businesses that do not require a lot of interaction and simply want a place to showcase basic products or services.

Engagements:  Announce your engagement in style.  Let guests know where you are registered and link to the online registries.  Post hotel and other information for out of town guests.  Show off those professional photos and awesome selfies of you and your fiancé. 

Weddings / Anniversary / Milestone Birthday’s: Looking for a special gift or way to celebrate life’s most precious moments?  What about a personal and professional website.

Baby’s Life:  Why do an “old school” baby book when you could have a lasting online memory that you can easily grow and share forever.  Need a unique and special baby gift?  Baby’s own website could be the answer.

Resumes / Student admissions profile / Student-Athlete profile:  Want to stand out from the crowd?  Whether you are looking for a job or wanting to secure that college scholarship…a website may be the perfect solution.

Special Events:  Charities, concerts, fundraisers, a small theater and other events


$2,500-$6,500 and up * **    → Premium custom website for small to medium size businesses.

Deposit 70%  •  Balance due prior to launch


Most small businesses fall into this category, though some are less expensive and others are more.  I can supply a verbal ballpark prior to meeting, and a firm estimate after stage 1 of the design process…getting to know your business and needs.   Each small business is unique and I do my best to provide the most value and best results for each new client I work with.  I value my work-from-home lifestyle and so I pass that on to the clients that help support that by giving them the best price and service in the business.  I love what I do, and care about doing things right.  Contact me and I will be happy to give you a free quote.  Let’s get your new web design started!


*Annual Web Hosting and domain registration paid separately by the client.

(Approximately $168.00-$204.00 annually)

**All prices are project specific and subject to change. 



Q: How do I choose a web designer?

A:  Investing in the right web designer for your business is crucial.  Your website is often where a potential customer gets their first impression of your business.  You only get one shot, and it’s important to make sure that first impression is a good one. 


I create beautiful, high-impact and affordable HTML5 designs using a robust platform.  Each client I work with gets the personal attention and dedication of an artist who is committed to helping them succeed.  An unhappy customer is NOT and option.  I do what it takes to not only meet, but to exceed most client’s expectations. 







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