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You only get one chance 
to make a first impression.

What impression is your website making?
I build websites for small to medium size businesses

I'm a suburban Chicagoland native,

specializing in Chicago Small Business Web Design.


If you want an awesome & afforable website




After a successful career as one the best NHL defensemen ever, this Stanley Cup champion was looking to brand himself outside of the pro sports arena.  



Christian Artist website for the sale of originals and prints.  An updated website that tells a story and functions as an online sales tool.



Our sister company focuses on marketing your business.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This is a great example of modern website design.f you want an extra jump start or ongoing marketing help this is the place to visit.



Cili Reviews is a CBD/CBG vitamin supplement company.  This website integrates video, product info, and reviews and integrates the national brand for a local representative.  



After branching off from a very large firm, these law partners wanted a professional website of their own.  



I combined visually compelling images with fresh content that I wrote for this start-up consulting firm.



This medical specialist had new services to promote along with content that he needed to develop.  



Restaurants need great photos, easy to access the menu, and possibly ordering.  This site has all of that and more.  I even took the photos for the client.



This well established brand needed a look that matched the size and quality of their business. 



This church was looking for a facelift to a tired website.  They needed a blog, live video streaming, an online connection card, and more.  If your church or religious organization needs a new website as a Christian myself, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.  

Affordable web design doesn't need to look cheap.
I will build a website for your business that looks & responds in a way that you will be proud of.

I serve small businesses & entrepreneurs in the greater metropolitan Chicago area 

& nationwide who are looking for awesomeness in web design. 



Looking for the best web designers Chicago?

Here I am.


I authentically care about your businesses success and am results-driven.  

I do more and charge less than most average web designers and online marketing agencies.

I also specialize in Google Maps and search engine discovery for local businesses.  If you want to see how your business is ranking locally just use my free tool found here.




Website concept & creation. ORIGINAL GRAPHICS, stock photo research/selection/editing, content writing.


This executive search firm had a need for a fresh look that helped communicate their value in a very competitive market.  


The website was designed to be mobile friendly and have less rather than more pages.  The scroll syle of the homepage tells most of the story as the executive is visually "fitted", which is a suble reference to the clients propritory search process called "The Complete Fit".


Original graphics were created to support a visual explaination of the process.




Logo design, website concept & creation. content writing, online photo galleries/portfolio, blog integration, social media integration, list building tools, business consulting


The client has a very long & difficult last name.  It was suggested to go with just initials for email, web domain, and logo design.  This fit with the client’s vision of a clean modern look.


This photographer now has a virtual portfolio.  Online portfolios like this are VERY important to a variety of businesses.  Online portfolios help show off your work to potential clients without the ability to do so at any time of day & night.  Business save time & win clients by eliminating the need for that first screening meeting.  Show off your work, and allow potential customers to check out your work at their convenience.  


Some businesses that would greatly benefit from this type of website include:  Builders/contractors/remodelers, architects, designers, photographers, artists, landscapers, pavers & more.





This is a concept desing intended to show investors what the business model will look like.


This client had an idea for a Vegan Meal delivery company, but wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to offer or how.  I helped her organize a plan,  I even came up with the name of the company, how the process could works, and mapped out how to explain the concept to customers.


Once the project is funded, it will become an e-commerce webiste.





Product photography, and Photoshop & Illustrator editing.   Product naming & name concept.  Tagline & web design. content writing, and social media integration, including "Pin It" buttons as well as SEO. 


This is an online store built for a client that had products to sell online, but did not yet have any product photos outside of very low resolution manufactures photos.  Design for this website included the styling and photographing of the products.  Photos where taken with products on models, as well as having plain vector files created of the leggings.  


Each client & business is looked at individually.  The products did not have names, so I came up with the concept of naming them after cities around the world, and including photos of those places along with each design to create a more exotic image.




Creation of a 21-day gratitude challenge, which involved an online survey integrated with a MailChimp 21-day automated email campaign. Research, design, logo, photos, all content creation, video production & edit, mural creation.


This website is my personal non-profit which focuses on the benefits of simple gratitude & kindness.  The website is used by educators around the globe as a free resource for integrating the development of these traits in our youth.  Additional people from around the globe participate in a habit creating 21-day gratitude challenge.  In the first few months the site had over 80 nations visiting it.   The prelude for a feature film, "Making Man...kind" has received over 30k view on YouTube.  

Admittedly, the look of this site is already a bit dated, but it is rich in content.  I'm busy helping other businesses with their web presence.  So for now, SGR will need to wait for a new look.  :)





Logo design, rebranding, product & location photos, sales opportunity concepts & development, research, content writing, testimonial integration, SEO.


This local butcher & Catering company had a very out of date website that provided little value.  The image & style of the website was totally redesigned & netted an updated modern feel.  The development of this website included an all day food & staff photo shoot.  Additionally, I made several suggestions to help build not only online presence, but sales opportunity.  One way was by creating a "recipe of the week" which would involving having specials on the food that was used in the creation of the recipe.  Samples of the recipe are available in store that week.  This allows customers to try & buy new products.  A template for a printed version of the recipe was also created & provided to pass out in store.  Another sales opportunity was to improve the catering offerings, by creating theme menus to boost image & give customers menu ideas.





Referral & affiliate marketing research & development to create passive income.  New name, logo & design, content, photos, video, SEO.


This local groomer & pet care service was selling goods (pet treats) at local venues but not online.  The former name (Ab Fab Pet care) was also difficult to understand.  The owners name is Hope, which lends itself to a great new name & logo design, which was suggested & welcomed by the client.  


In addition to creating a fun & playful pet website, I wanted to help create passive income for this client.  I identified & integrated referral & affiliate programs, which will net passive income of $300-600 a month, and grow from there.  I will be helping this client with video product reviews, which will also boost sales through a referral program & provide additional passive income for this client.






This project included Web design, logo design, researching & writing ALL content. Creation of branding, taglines, & social media posts.  Creation and integration of customer help form & survey, as well as Social media integration, and light box newsletter sign-up.  SEO research & integration.  


This is an example of affordable ecommerce web design services. 


The electric bike industry is in it's infancy, especially here in the Midwest.  There is a very thin distribution chain across the country, and some states do not even have one ebike retailer.  This means that there are buyers around the country that can only purchase ebikes online. This website was built for a local retailer, to service & sell products across the country.




Use live Facebook feed so that client can update website with daily specials.  Create an new online look and have menus easily accessed on the web. Create a Google+ / Google places page that links reviews and other important information to the website.


All local businesses should have a Google+ page.  Not only is it free, it helps to boost your online presence and makes it easier for local customers to find you and access information about your business.


Restuarant businesses of any sort should have a website that has all their current information including hours, menus and ordering information, links to social media and specials.  This small business wanted an easy way to get specials from their Facebook page pnlto their website.  This was solved using a tool that provides and instant upload from socail media.





This project included Web design, logo design, researching & writing ALL content. Creation of branding, taglines, & social media posts.  Creation and integration of customer help form & survey, as well as Social media integration, and light box newsletter sign-up.  SEO research & integration.  


This is an example of affordable ecommerce web design services. 


Local service business such as Landscape, contractors, maid services, carpet cleaning and more can benifit from my services as a web designer.





New website design & function.  Write copy, list building tools, social media integration, appointment-booking tool & SEO.


This client was looking to update their look & match it with the style of their salon.  We gave them a fresh look & feel while suggesting and including an online appointment-booking tool to help with business operations.  The ability to book appointments online & have an integrated follow up system to confirm appointments it critcal to this type of business.


Additionally, time was put into researching and organizing information to sell a premium specialty facial service, which provides valuable cash flow to the business. 

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