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My specialty is helping small businesses,

by designing affordable custom websites, that are easy to maintain.



Integrated on all platforms 

One of my greatest strengths, is the ability to provide ALL the help a small business needs to complete their web development & marketing.  
Affordable custom web design & affordable ecommerce web design services, with a focus on small businesses.





  • Website design 

  • E-commerce

  • Mobile & Tablet Optimization

  • Product & Industry Research

  • Photography

  • Logo Design

  • Content Writing

  • Easy website update training 

  • Social Media 

  • Print & Marketing Material 

  • Illustrator & Photoshop 

  • Video Production & Edit

  • SEO & Digital Marketing Services (Find out more about these services on my sister website Chicago SEO Lyfe)

Do you need product or staff photos for your website?

I can help.


Need help researching your industry & developing content?

I love research & writing.


Not sure what information to include, or how to present it?  

I've got you covered.


Need a new logo design or rebranding?

No problem.


Need postcards, brochures, menus,

or other marketing tools designed?

I started my career in marketing &

advertising for a fortune 100 company.

website design on a computer
web design training
  • Website design:


The websites I design are totally custom for you or your business.  They are built on a true drag & drop platform using the latest HTML5 technology.



  • Mobile Optimization:


All the website I design are optimized for mobile use.  This is key, as many of today buyers are using their smart devices for Internet browsing.  This feature is included in all websites.



  • Applications & Plug-ins:


All websites include social media integration, subscription sign-ups, and much more.  



  • Easy training on how to use our HTML5 drag & drop web builder:


I build websites on a system that is easy to use & maintain.  I want to make sure that keeping your website fresh is easy to.  My design proposals include ongoing maintenance services at prices that are less than the industry norm, but I also can include website training. 1-2 hours of training will enable you to do most of the basic tasks to keep your website current.  No more worry of your merchandise, services or prices being outdated.  


  • Research


Research is often needed for many reasons.  I look at every business I work with as if it were my own.  I will make suggestions of ways to market services better, & increase revenue.  All website require at a minimum basic industry and competitive analysis research to help determine what content to include and how best to organize it.  Keyword research is also critical in order to understand user intent and to speak in a language so that your ideal customers will find you online.  Some websites benefit from adding things like, online scheduling or Google AdSense, which create passive income.  I can help identify these and other opportunities. 


  • Copywriting


While I often research content for websites I design, many owners also request help with writing and organizing the content (copy) for their websites.  While no one knows your business better than you, I am skilled at conducting interviews & doing research to help draw out and write business copy, much like a ghostwriter.


  • Photography


While I am not a professional photographer, but I am an artist and I own a top of the line Canon MarkD5III camera.  I am very capable of shooting product & stylized photos for most websites, saving you time & money.


  • Logo Design


While giving your website a fresh look, you may also consider updating your logo.  Your brand identity helps distinguish you from your competitors.  It should be a reflection of your style and quality.  I can help create a logo and well as all the other brand assets you will need such as social profile art templates branded for you.

website Content writing
website photography
logo design
logo design service
social media logos
social media logos
social media logos
  • Social Media creation


You website will be fully integrated with all your social media.  If you need help setting up social media, I can help with that too.



  • Illustrator & Photoshop tasks


I own the Adobe software suite, and am able to use my skills to create original posts, edit photos, create logos, and more.



  • Print & marketing material design


If you need brochures, business cards, postcards, menus, flag banners, trade show booths, or other marketing materials designed, I would love to help.


  • Video production, editing, & website integration:


Using a very high end DSLR camera, I can shoot & edit video.  My first YouTube post received over 30,000 views.  


Video content can boost your SEO, and engage your customers.  Customers & search engines love original video content.


Business Videos include:  testimonial video, video product instruction, president welcome, video factory tour, video product reviews, tips & training videos, and all other videos.


Want to know the annual costs associated with operating a website?THE 

Cost of running a website

Need help with Online Marketing or getting leads and calls to your business?

Visit my digital marketing agency website for details: or 

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